Martha’s Cleaning COVID-19 Update

We care about your health and we make it our top priority. We are closely monitoring the Covid-19 development to ensure that we are up to date with every measure possible that we can take in order to stop the spread of the virus while still helping you keep your house clean and sanitized.

These are the following measures we are implementing every time we clean your home:

  • We keep close communication with you and our employees. We want our employees to stay home if they are sick and we want our clients to inform us of any changes in their cleaning schedule due to someone being sick in their household. We confirm all of our appointments a day or two before the cleaning day, so you will be able to speak with us prior to each and every cleaning.
  • We wear new disposable gloves every time we enter your home and dispose of them after your cleaning.
  • We wear new disposable shoe covers every time we enter your home and dispose of them after your cleaning.
  • We use fresh clean towels only. Each home has it’s designated microfiber cloths and terry towels. We do not use the same towels for all homes.
  • We use a new clean and disinfected mophead per home. We change them in each and every cleaning and wash and sanitize them at the end of the day.
  • We disinfect all of our equipment after every cleaning.
  • We make sure our car is also clean and disinfected.
  • We carry our own personal hand-sanitizer.

We follow recommended procedures per CDC and the government’s guidelines. Together we can keep our homes clean and our families safe.