How To Declutter and Tidy Your Desk

Are you currently drowning in papers, and can’t find anything, even if you took hours looking for that one thing that you really needed? It’s time to clean and declutter your desk, don’t put it up for later. Here are some tips that will make organizing your desk a breeze. Here is what you will need to Declutter and Tidy Your Desk: –

a) 1 trash bag,

b) 9 boxes,

c) 1 Large Towel,

d) All-purpose Cleaner Spray,

e) Electronics Cleaner Spray,

f) Compressed Air,

g) Microfiber Cloths,

h) Cleaning Toothbrush,

Step #1 Clear Off The Desk to Declutter :

Collect all like-items into the following categories: –

  1. Trash
  2. Everything that you know it doesn’t belong in your office and put it away.
  3. Paper (mail, receipts, bills, etc)
  4. Books
  5. Office Supplies
  6. Sentimental Objects (cards, photos, decor, etc)
  7. Miscellaneous Objects (anything that doesn’t belong in the previous categories)
    Grab your boxes and bag, start cleaning from left to right.

Step #2 Now that your desk is clear…

let’s clean it!

  1. Use a microfiber cloth to clean the dust off from your electronics first.
  2. Spray electronic cleaner onto a microfiber cloth to remove the leftover dust from your electronics.
  3. Use compressed air and a toothbrush to remove dust from hard to reach areas.
  4. Place any small electronics on a large towel before cleaning it, to prevent from getting other surfaces dirty.
  5. Now it is time to clean your desk! Use a microfiber cloth to remove all dust. Next, spray all-purpose cleaner on a cloth and wipe down the surface of your desk.
  6. Take a picture of your desk and use it as inspiration to always keep it clean and organized.

Step #3 Office Supplies: –

  1. Collect like-items: pens, printing paper, envelopes, folders, etc.
  2. Go through each like-item pile and section them further into the following categories: keep, donation, and trash.
  3. Only keep on your desk items that are essential to your office, those that you use frequently such as pen and notepad. Everything else should be kept in drawers or boxes.

Step #4 Books: –

  1. Keep books that you are currently reading. Also, keep in hand all the books that need for your work or study.
  2. Donate or sell books that you never use. Those books that you only see them once a year and you really don’t need them.

Step #5 Paper: –

Separate into the following: –

  1. Important papers that need to be filed.
  2. Papers that need revision and need work.
  3. Papers that you no longer need, but have important information and must be shredded.
  4. Non-important papers that don’t have any sensitive information and can be discarded in the trash.

Step #6 Sentimentals: –

Objects with sentimental value, such as cards, photographs, and albums can be put on your desk and walls or even find creative ways to display them. Also, if you have more than 10 items consider putting some in boxes and rotating them for display.

Step #7 Miscellaneous: –

If it doesn’t belong to your office supplies, you should consider if it really belongs in your office. Only keep the things that help you be more productive, bring you happiness, and are truly necessary for your office space.
It wasn’t so bad, right? Now, enjoy your newly organized desk and post it on social media with the hashtag #mcsdesk. We will love to see your before and after photos!

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