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New Home, New Cleaning Measures – Do It Yourself VS. Professional Carpet Cleaning Service.

While moving to a new home is undoubtedly something that calls for a celebration, your long To-Do list may say otherwise. From unpacking and organizing everything to painting and cleaning, the list goes on and on. One task that you may not want to go overseen is definitely getting your carpets cleaned before moving in.

The previous owner may just have new carpets installed before putting the house for sale, but no matter how clean the carpets may appear, dust mites and other unexpected visitors may already be living deep in your carpets’ fibers. Therefore, it’s essential to get them thoroughly cleaned, either on your own or by a professional. If you have kids or pets, it becomes even more crucial to think ahead and set a cleaning schedule for your carpets. Most carpet manufacturers recommend carpet owners to clean them once a year at a minimum. Do you want to protect your carpets from spills and dark spots? You may want to consider adding a protector spray to your cleaning.

Now that you may have moved your task of cleaning your carpet floor at the top of your list, let’s check the pros and cons of cleaning your carpet on your own or hiring a professional to do it for you.

DIY Carpet Cleaning: – 

Pros: – 

1. Cost Saving:​ Most people want to take on the DIY route to save on cost, especially when you are buying a new home and already have a lot of expenses to make. Say, if you invest in a home steam cleaning equipment, it would still cost lower than to hire a professional cleaner every year for about five years. Also, renting one can cost you at a fraction of the cost of one professional cleaning service. You can certainly save big!

2. No surprising costs or additional fees:​ Estimated carpet cleaning costs of a professional cleaning service could often shoot up due to a variety of reasons – one being tougher stains and spots that took more time than estimated. But when you clean your carpet yourself, there’s no guesswork or surprises related to cost as you already know it and have planned accordingly.

3. You can do it on your schedule: ​No need to take the day off or wait a couple of weeks to find a reliable cleaning company to do it for you. You are in charge of when

the cleaning will get done. This is exceptionally accommodating when you already have a hectic schedule to deal with to accommodate the movers and the maid service for example.

Cons: – 

1. You will need to do some research: ​If you have never cleaned your own carpet before, you definitely need to go on the web and find a tutorial that can help you get this task accomplished.

2. Machine and cleaning supplies may not be adequately powerful: ​The equipment and cleaning supplies used by professional cleaners are often more powerful than what you can buy for domestic use. This means taking the DIY route may not give you the same results that a professional carpet cleaning service would.

3. Handling the task could be frustrating:​ Stains that refuse to go, problems in reaching those inaccessible corners of your carpet, malfunctioning equipment, choosing the wrong cleaning supplies for your carpet, etc. are some problems that can make the job tiring and frustrating. If you’ve never cleaned a carpet before, it could turn out to be a pretty overwhelming task, so much so that you may end up leaving it halfway through.

4. You may end up damaging your carpe​t: It would be very unfortunate, but this could happen if you put too much cleaning solution or too much water on your carpet.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Pros: – 

1. Professionally trained cleaners know their job well: ​From knowing which type of carpet, which cleaning products and techniques to bringing powerful cleaning equipment and supplies, professional carpet cleaners would ensure you get a top-notch cleaning experience.

2. Save time and effort: ​From inspecting and preparing your carpet for the cleaning to working with tough spots and stains, professional carpet cleaners will do it all.

3. Your carpet’s longevity is assured:​ Professional carpet cleaners are experienced and knowledgeable, and they will help you set up a cleaning schedule for your carpet, they will also help you with odor control and stain protection.

1. You will be paying for great results:​ We are not sure if this is a con, but if you are

working on a tight budget, it could definitely bring some strain to your budget.

2. ​You will need to plan accordingly:​ You will need to find a cleaning service that can work with your schedule. Also, keep in mind that you will probably want to have your carpet cleaned before the movers arrived. Also, there is a period when you have to allow your carpets to dry, and you can’t walk on them.

3. ​You will need to do some research: ​Not all cleaning companies are the same. Make sure you choose a company with experience and great reviews. Remember, you are investing in your carpet floors, and you want to get the best results.

We hope this post has sparked some ideas. We want to congratulate you on your new home. If you are located in the Northern Virginia area we can certainly help you with your carpet cleaning needs. We have experienced technicians that are IICRC certified. Our cleaning method is among the best. To learn more click here. Are you interested on a free consultation? You can contact us here.