How to clean grease?

how to clean grease.

A grease has high viscosity. Grease is soft solid and high viscosity liquid. Grease is difficult to remove from surface. It cannot be clean with clothes or water. Sometimes it becomes difficult to remove from messy places and we cannot see sometimes. To clean grease it takes lot of time there are some method to clean this mess like salt, vinegar etc. 

Clean grease on kitchen surfaces: –

 There are some consequences of our favorite fried foods. Some small spots on kitchen where we do not focus, and that spot become hard and difficult to remove. There is microwave, oven, stoves. Appliances and surface can get this thing without scrubbing and chemical. Here is some method for removing grease.

  1. Microwave:  In microwave there are some places where spots remain, and we do not know about that. So, it keeps smelling bad Because there is stain of grease. So, to remove the stain of grease take a bowl of warm water 3-4 cups and mix lemon in it. Put it in microwave for 4 to 5 minutes. After that do not open microwave. So, the grease will be attacked by warm water and a lemon so the grease will be removed, and it will smell good.
  • Backsplash: To clean the backsplash you need to take a lemon and a spray bottle then you have to fill the bottle with water and squeeze the lemon into the spray bottle be careful of seeds and pulp. Lemon is the best way to clean the backsplash and oil stain. Spray on the grease and leave it for a minute and then wipe out with the cloth and clean the surface with a cloth.  
  • Oven: In oven we make casseroles and then it is covered with black grease. To remove that grease, you need to take a liquid detergent and scrub it. If anything is left behind so use a paper towel to pick up and then use enzymes cleaner but do not clean it and let it settle for 10-15 minutes before cleaning. There is some another way to remove the stain of grease in the oven use baking soda paste and water. In oven put warm water for 15-20 minutes and baking soda and then remove baking soda and wipe out with warm cloth.
kitchen tiles
  • Kitchen tiles: In kitchen while cooking it becomes a mess. While for every woman the kitchen is like a heart a mess in kitchen do not look good. To clean the tiles of kitchen you need vinegar, baking soda. Use white vinegar, it has best quality because it does not produce any odor. It is very effective that it cleans the stain fast.

Household solution for grease: –

There is a household solution for grease where you do not have to call any cleaning agent and you do not have to spend a single penny. There are some ways where you can save your time as well as money.

  1. Baking soda: baking soda is the best solution for cleaning. Through baking soda, you can remove discoloration from stainless steel, tarnish from cooper, coffee and juice stains also can remove from baking soda. It is weakness of grease the hardest grease can also remove form baking soda. While using this do not scrub too hard it can damage your surface so do it gently. If you are eating something and something gets spilled on your t-shirt and you have to clean it so, take baking soda to clean it. It is amazingly effective.
  • Vinegar: the grease can be removed from vinegar. In kitchen oven, microwave, stoves there are some hard tough grease which is not easy to remove it. So, vinegar can do this job well. Spray on the hard grease and let it soak for 10-15 minutes. So, when it became soft, clean it with warm clothes. There is some stubborn grease to clean it, so use vinegar as your home remedies. White vinegar can clean fast compare to distilled vinegar. What alkali material can do it cannot be done by vinegar because vinegar often softens the mess.  
  • Flour: is it possible to remove grease by flour? Yes, grease can be removed using flour. While making food in kitchen the oil drawn into the surface so put flour in it you will find it messy, but the flour will do this thing quickly and clean the mess, keep it for few minutes so it can soak the oil. But do not be too harsh towards it because as the oil drawn onto the surface do not rub it quickly wait for minutes as the flour absorb it then clean it.
  • Salt: fix the grease stain with salt. Salt is not just a thing that we add to our food we can add salt to clean mess also. While making food in pan some black grease sticks on pan, so to remove it use salt. Keep it for 8-10 minutes then scrub it. Washing dishes, the food particles stick on strainer so to remove it take a glass of water and add salt in it. Water must be warm so the particles over the strainer will removed. Salt has many ways to clean the grease and it is highly effective. In coffee maker there are some dirt on the edges and to clean it, take hot water and take 3-4 tablespoon of salt and pour them in mixture and turn on the switch the cycle will start moving and after 2-3 minutes turn off and grease will be removed.
  •  Rice water: while we boil rice in a bowl the water left behind it is called rice water. You can clean grease through rice water. By taking rice water to clean the surface. You can use the rice water to clean the glass and mirror. You need to take the spray bottle and ricer water in it and mix it spray into the mirror and glass so it can clean easily.
  • Lemon: Lemon is a food, but it can be used for so many things in that one of the things is that you can clean grease and so many other things. In kitchen, some areas smell really bad so you can use lemon and spray there or put lemon there so it will not smell bad. To clean copper use lemon and salt in it and scrub it. Lemon can be used for bleaching clothes. To remove white line use bleaching method and keep it in dry place. So, stain will be removed.

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