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How to clean house?

Cleaning your house is a polarizing thing because some people love to clean it. To keep your house clean, there is a certain task you should perform daily, it will keep your house clean. A certain task is sweeping the kitchen floor, sanitizing the sinks and, wiping down the kitchen counters. Keep your bedding clean, once a week at least. The other chores are more flexible, you can do scrubbing of your oven and fridge, every four to six months. For deep cleaning something big like windows and carpet, you need to do in a year. There are some hacks that can boost up your cleaning speed. Using lemon helps to wipe away the hard water stains. There are some guaranteed products which make cleaning easier, like a steam cleaner for your microwave.

Tips to save your time from house cleaning services.

  • Fuzzy Socks to Sweep: You need a sweeper that makes it easy to sweep up every day to clean dust and dirt, the sweeper pad is expensive. But it is not compulsory, because a fuzzy sock work just as well, pull a sock over the base of your sweepers, then sweep away.
  • Use Tongs to Dust Blinds: Cleaning each slat of your window blinds, to clean it you need to take a tong from your kitchen, take a microfiber cloth and wrap it around the tong, secure it using rubber bands. Then take a dusting tong to clean your blinds fast.
  • Dust Ceiling Fans with Pillowcases: How can you reach on the top of your ceiling fans? Because dust stays there, but how can you get the dust off without sending it flying? The answer is to use a pillowcase, to remove the dust over the ceiling fans, press the pillowcase against the top and bottom of each blade and slide it towards you. The dust will be trapped under the pillowcase and it will be removed. And at the end toss it in the washer.             
  • Dust Lightbulbs with Alcohol: Dusty light bulb does not give off much light as they should, because as the dust appears on the bulb the light is not brighter as it can give the result. By cleaning it with a cloth and a bit of rubbing alcohol. Before cleaning the light make sure that the lights are off, and it should be cool to touch before cleaning. 

How to clean your bedroom?

When it comes to cleaning, the bedroom should be clean at least once a week. When it comes to cleaning the first thing that comes in a mind is bedding, it should be washed. We recommend you fold your top cover in the half to open some airflow, while you are away at work. If your blanket is air-tight around the bed, it will smell bad. In the cleaning process, you should use a vacuum to clean the surface. While doing it every month will help to prevent dust mites.

The next thing is, wipe down all your surface and keep your floor vacuumed. You should do this regularly.

How to clean my kitchen?

In the kitchen area which we use regularly, it is essential to clean your surface every couple of days like in a week 3-4 times. In the kitchen organic materials that live around your kitchen surface, it needs to break it up daily or else you will have moulds in your kitchen, and if you do not clean it, then it will become difficult to remove it.

Now, for cleaning the fridge it is recommended to clean it every few months. While cleaning the fridge clean oven also, the microwave should be clean once week weather you use the microwave or not. Deep cleaning around once a week. For deep cleaning the microwave, take a half cup of white vinegar and a half cup of water in the microwave and, let it to run until the glass steams up. And after some time wipe down.

DIY air freshener easy to make.

1.       Lemon-Rosemary Simmer Pot

You need to take a small pot. Add water, vanilla extract, and a single lemon, Now fills 2/3 with water, and then toss in your other ingredients. Then let it be throughout the day and it will work its magic through your home. After 2-3 days make it a new one though because it will not have the same smell on day 3.

2.       Tea Tree Eucalyptus Spray  

Tea tree has a natural herbal scent that pairs with the minty aroma of eucalyptus. The other benefit of these two pairings is that it will act as a deodorizer and clean the air of your room.

You need to take a cup of water, two tablespoons of vodka or rubbing alcohol, five drops of lemon, four drops of tea tree oil, and six drops of eucalyptus oil.

3.            Orange peel candle

Instead of throwing oranges when you are finished, you can reuse them as a candle. Take a knife and run around the edges of the orange to loosen the fruit away. Once you are done with that, use a fork to scrape out the inside of the orange but be careful to avoid destroying the stem. When you have finished the scraping of the orange, you can fill it about 3/4 with any oil of your choice. Then let the oil sit for around 45 minutes, so the orange can absorb it. Now take a lighter and stem for 3 minutes. Then you will notice that the color will be changed, then wait for a minute, then try to light the orange. It can take a minute, then your home will be filled with a delicious citrus smell.

4.     Lavender Chamomile Spray

Both Lavender and chamomile smells make you feel relaxed and are notorious for calming down. Before guest enters into your house, you should spray in your house to feels them relaxed, and if you want your pillow to smell good when you are sleeping, spray it on your pillow while sleeping at night.

To make the spray you need to take a cup of water, two tablespoons of vodka or rubbing alcohol, ten drops of lavender oil, and five drops of chamomile oil. Then pour the mixture into the spray bottle and use it.

5.     Cinnamon Stick Candle

You need to take a pillar candle that is about three inches in diameter, cinnamon sticks, and a hot glue gun. To make this candle take a pair of sheers cut the cinnamon stick, it will fit in the candle. When sticks are cut properly, glue it and it should be completely covered, when this process is done, then light up the candle and enjoy the smell of cinnamon.

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